Some words from our customers:


Just had a look at the rifle, looks fantastic!

Thread looks much more substantial and the suppressor fits like a glove.

Can't wait to shoot it.


Dear Gunworks

Thank you for supplying me with the projectiles, primers ( for my handloads) and suppressor on my Tikka .243. Since fitting the suppressor it has improved my accuracy and extended the life of my hearing to no end.

Attached is the stag that i took at Mt White using the handloads we prepped earlier in the week (courtesy of you guys!). 95 grain Nosler Ballistic Ar2209 and federal 210 primer in federal brass was the order of the day! The bullet performance is very effective on med to large game and the evidence was the devastation inside the animal at a reasonable distance (250m).

Again thanks for the great products and look forward to trying it all again once i step up in calibre.

Kindest regards



Video sent to us from Isaac Leonard 15year old first kill using his Gunworks Suppressor on his 270, nice job!


Hi there, thanks so much for the suppressor job your team did, looks good, shoots well and definitely quieter!!! Now just need to get out and christen it. Have a great Christmas!



Bolt fluting:

Goods turned up, very impressed with bolt fluting.

Thanks & regards


I received my barrel, upper receiver and M4 Spartan suppressor from fastways on Friday.

I am very impressed with the workmanship, quality and service.

If i need any work done in the future i will not hesitate to contact gunworks or recommend you to a friend.

Thanks again


Hi Amanda, Angelique, Robbie, and the team, just a quick thanks for the great service you guys are providing, we live rural so often purchase things via the internet and I have now made several purchases through you guys. I'm always amazed how easy and fast your service is, living rural usually means we have to wait three to four days for our packages to arrive, but somehow all my purchases from you arrive the very next day! I'm beginning to think you have some kind of elves or something that zip around in the night delivering things?! I also recently had my tikka T3 bolt fluted and barrel shortened to 20" and suppressed by you guys and the rifle is now a dream to carry and shoot, I was a bit hesitant at first to chop a 270 to 20" but with carefull hand loading I have 150gr Nosler LRAB's shooting under 1/2" and doing 2840fps, that means I'm carrying 1000ft/lbs of energy out to around 900 yards, pretty impressive stuff for the "humble 270" and even more so for a 270 chopped to 20", this is my first suppressed rifle and I wonder why I didn't do it years ago! Couldn't be happier, keep it up guys! Kind regards Ryan Songhurst


This is my 12 year old son Liam with his first couple of tahr. The big bull placed 2nd in the NZDA junior section this year. 

A few years ago it would have been unheard of for a 12 year old to be comfortably shooting a 7mm Rem Mag! 

The magnum suppressor is wonderful on my rifle especially as more and more shooting time is spent with kids and dog!

Keep up the good work.



Just a quick email to thank you all for fluting my Tikka bolt.

I would just like to say that your customer service and workmanship were outstanding.  My bolt arrived today and looks great. It was a real change to deal with a business that manages to do small jobs in record time.  I thought it would be a couple of weeks before I saw it back, when in reality you only had it three working days. I will definitely be using you guys again. Thanks again.


Hello Gunworks Team!

Thank you for your polite and prompt service and delivery of some reloading equipment I purchased on Monday and received yesterday, Tuesday!!

Special thanks to, was it  Amanda? who I spoke to on the phone. You were friendly, helpful and polite.

Also Fastways courier company. Most impressed.

You are certain to have my business again.

Kind regards


I just wanted to thank you guys for the extremely fast service!
I have heard nothing but good things about you guys and I can see that it's well deserved.

Thanks again!


I have been very impressed with your service. By far the best gun shop in the country. Thank you Stan Leenders


Awesome Trademe Feedback -

**Excellent Trade ** Brilliant Traders ** Super helpful ** Considerate ** Polite ** & Professional ** The suppressor arrived well packaged with TLC, which we appreciated Saturday 5/9/15 ** gunworks were a real pleasure to deal with ** Overall ** OUSTANDING ** The product is ** WICKED ** we're absolutely rapt ** Thank You for making it happen for us gunworks ** We'd trade again with you ** NO WORRIES ** anytime **


Hello Robbie and Amanda, My 2 firearms arrived safely, thursday lunchtime last week. Thank you for a great job and the hassle free service you offer. Both the rifles look great and they both shoot as well as before. 


Thank you for the great service once again. Thats why i have always and will always recommend Gunworks for all reloading supplies and gunsmithing. 


Parcel arrived yesterday and opened last night. Very pleased with the threading and the collar on the 7mm RM is exactly what I was hoping for! Many thanks for the great work.


I would like to congratulate you on your Suppressor. As you know I purchased a 13.5" x 41mm over barrel unit from you

just recently. Today was the first chance that I had to try it out since having it fitted.

What a difference it made, it took my 7mm08 from a savage recoiling, noisy beast, which was difficult for me to handle,

(being an amputee, loss of right hand), and turned it into a rifle that is an absolute pleasure to shoot.

The reduction in both recoil and the report is very impressive, and I can now use it without any problem, again

thank you and your amazing product. I definately will recommend it to any one without any reservations.

Thank You

Barry Cook


First goat taken with one of your gunworks 223 spartan supressers, wicked recoil
and noise reduction can't wait to take it out for its next trip


Excellent workmanship and great product, much quieter and actually much less

kick. 40 rounds down over a couple of hours checking some loads and my

shoulder could have gone all day with no tenderness. Thanks for your time spent

explaining and organising over the phone!


More website feedback: Love doing business with you, whenever I have needed anything or any advice you have been more than helpful. Keep it up, wish all business’s were as good as you guys.  Ross


Website shopping feedback:

This would have to be the fastest delivery of goods I have ever experienced , thanks Amanda . Great service from Gunworks - yet again !


Please pass my thanks on to Angelique for her courtesy and help yesterday when I phoned.



Good morning all, I just want to tell you how happy I am with the gun you worked on. I cull goats on a local station and what a pleasure it is to use now, for me and my dog. I can clearly hear the hits and the trigger is perfect, you've turned a good gun into a great gun. Going to put the bigger gun away for a while and use this on the deer as well. Everyone I dealt with was very helpful and professional-great service, I'd recommend you to anyone. Thanks again Grant Fawcett  .... (Remington 700 243 using a 35mm dia Spartan shortened so suppressor sits 2mm off the stock)



I tried my new suppressor I got from you last week on my 7mmRemMag. I have already got a Spartan on my 30/06 so thought I knew what to expect. Boy was I wrong. It made a much bigger (positive) difference than I thought it would.

I am very happy with it.

Tim W


Hi Robbie & Amanda,
I would like to pass on my thanks and appreciation to you, your staff and for your  product which I have recently purchased.
I ordered a  Spartan Duralium Suppressor which has been made just for the Ruger Compacts in .223REM calibre.

The arrangements with the courier (to & from ChCh) and the the complete purchase & supply process was handled professionally and precisely.
Great communication with Cherie & Angelique regarding courier timing and options. Cheers Ladies. 

Today (Auckland Aniversary Day)  I have been out to the BoP NZ Deerstalkers Association range to check out my new aquisition.

MOST Impressed; Sound Reduction, Recoil and Barrel Lift all reduced dramatically and is a joy to shoot.
The additional weight is negligable and the rifle is nicely ballanced.
Thank you to the Production Team.


Again; Please pass my thanks to all concerned for a very well made product and great team.

Best Regards,
Mike Jarvie


Just want to thank, Amanda & Cherie, for all there work & co-operation, I purchased a Howa 7MM08 the other week, great service, I'm stoked. Happy to refer in future...


I took the 03 springfield out to the range and put it through it’s pace’s after it’s new barrel was fitted.

It went perfect.   Just wanted to let you know i’m very happy with the work you’re team has done.


If there was ever any doubt thrown on Gunworks' exceptional customer service, that

doubt should now be gone, Ian from Auckland was so impressed with our service, he

sent us girls a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Thanks Ian you made our day!!

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you very much for the excellent job you did on my rifle last week. Having never used a suppressor I can’t believe i’ve left it so long .I’ve recommended your service to a couple of mates too.


Once it was sighted in it was back to business as usual. Looking forward to springtime now.

Just thought id say thank you very much, you guys have been very good to deal with and have been very helpful.

I am very pleased with my new suppressor, it is very quiet on my 22lr even with supersonics.

I will defiantly be recommending you guys to others!!

Hi team, I received my 7mm-08 from you today with the new Spartan suppressor- I looks great and a top job!

Thank you for the great (and quick) service!

I am very happy with the job and the difference the suppresser has made to the recoil and noise has more than meet my expectations.

 Got gun back today looks and feels awesome. Roll on the weekend to try it out. Thanks guys for the supressor you put up for the Sika show and thanks for the awesome service to fit.

Hey, big thanks to you and the team that made it happen and returned to me in time
for me to sight it in and head bush on Friday morning. Your professionalism and
attention to detail have really impressed me, and I’ll be telling my mates about your great service.

This is a bit long in coming but I just wanted to thankyou for the great service you provided when we ordered some suppressors from you. Everything from arranging the freight forwarding and advising us of the arrival and dispatch of the rifles through to the great product received was awesome ! I cannot speak highly enough of your service.

Folks, I just wanted to write and thank you for the excellent service you’ve provided – firstly your call to say the rifle had arrived, then the conversation to discuss my concerns re the rifle trigger.

Finally, to receive the message – and tracking number that my rifle was on the way home – as well as your prompt email replies to my queries to taping the suppressor was icing on the cake!.

Folks – this obviously was a team effort, and frankly, your communication alone shows the high standards you achieve.

I’m really impressed with the craftsmanship of the work on my rifle, trigger, and the suppressor. I can’t wait to take it out hunting.

I will have no hesitation in sharing with hunting colleagues my excellent service experience with you. Feel free to use this if you keep a brag book!

All arrived back today, safe and sound.

Very nice work, thank you.

I am pleasantly surprised by the difference the bead blasting has made to the finish on the barrel… not so shiny now.

We are very happy with the outcome and thank you all for the quality of your
work and service.

Just thought I had better drop a line and thank you for the great job that was done on my Sako L461 rebarrel to 6x45mm in July. I’m happy to say if I do my job right and point it straight it prints 3 shot 1/2 MOA @ 100m, and this is with only having about 30 rounds down the tube so far.

Just got the AR-15 upper and suppressor back, everything looks good.

I’m really impressed with the fit and finish of the suppressor and how well it matches up with the rest of the rifle. I’m extremely happy with the result and can’t wait to see what it sounds like this weekend.

Thread and suppressor look great and the trigger feels perfect! Can’t wait to get out and give it a go, thanks for your work, I’ll let you know how I get on.

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the great job you did re barreling my Mk5 Weatherby in 30/378 Wby Mag recently. Ive had it away on two trips so far and and had three animals on the ground for three shots.

I just want to send a thankyou to the Gunworks team for my new rifle and suppressor.

I have informed the many Wanganui folk who have inquired about my new suppressor that your customer service is second to none. To replace the barrel and action with a brand new barrel and action because of a communication breakdown over thread size is real customer service and something you should be very proud of.

Your name is in very good shape up here which is more than I can say about your competitors name from these parts (Manawatu), I have heard comments from a couple of dedicated shooters that they would not be return customers of his. On hearing my story they were very impressed.

The rifle shoots like a dream (serious 1/2 in shooter and have clovered twice with three shots) and the suppressor is extremely light and effective. No doubt I will be into another project and require another one of your suppressor systems. I know there’s only one place I will go.

Recieved my T3 .270 back from you guys today, looks good, feels good and shoots good, pretty much the same impact point with the suppressor on and with it off shooting at 100 meters.

I’ve been meaning to send you a quick email for the last few weeks, to thank-you for the great job of fitting a suppressor to my Steyr Pro Varmint.

I’m really happy with the overall package and also the timeframe in which you completed the job. It was a nice surprise to have the suppressor upgraded to a duralium version for no extra cost, due to the nature of the job.

Just got my AR15 back, the workmanship/fit is excellent - exactly what I wanted.

I have used all other NZ suppressors but your range/service are the best by a country mile.

Keep up the excellent work

An extremely happy customer.

A big thanks for the great service and quick turn around..what a huge difference it's made having a suppressor fitted to my tikka t3 30-06.
Again a big thankyou for your quick service a top workmenship....

Just a quick note to thank you for a job well done and the very prompt service. 

The entire job , including courier, was completed in 5 working days, this is outstanding. 

My gun arrived yesterday. Thanks alot for the great fast service. looks great
thanks alot


Just wanted to say thanks for the suppressor on my tikka 7mm08.

I took it out hunting last week and it was awesome. Second deer didn't even know where the shot came from.

Just received my 223 back, thanks I am really impressed with your work and it has been a pleasure dealing with you.  Other firms would do well to try and follow your service and communication.

My gun arrived today with the suppressor and projectiles. I just wanted to say thank you for your help and awesome service I am wrapped with the weight and the balance and can't wait to try it out nor can my 9 year old who is itching to shoot a deer and is one of the main reasons of wanting the suppressor.

Can you also pass on my thanks to the courier who went out of the way to get it to me as no one was going to be home so when they phoned to tell me it was on its way we were able to arrange a place to meet up, great service.

Thanks again will defiantly shop with you again


Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you very much for the excellent job you did on my rifle last week. Having never used a suppressor I can’t believe

I’ve left it so long .I’ve recommended your service to a couple of mates too.

Once it was sighted in it was back to business as usual. Looking forward to springtime now.

I have received my parcel thanks.

Just thought id say thank you very much, you guys have been very good to deal with and have been very helpful.

I am very pleased with my new suppressor, it is very quiet on my 22lr even with supersonics.



Just a note to say I think the Spartan suppressor is a good value. Even though my  7mm08 only has a 16.5 inch barrel, it must still have a fair bit of hitting power as a friend of mine (hes getting one now) managed to put down a good boar at very long range with it. The other boar was shot in the bail at very close range. The suppressor must reduce hearing damage to dogs in tight situations.

I tried that Mossberg out, Am Quite Pleased with it,  Zero'd in with 1 shot  I got four Deer with it ,  I ran into a bunch of Deer, It has paid for Itself Now.

I ducked out the range at lunch time to sight the wee rifle for the girls.  25m with 1970’s vintage Eley standard velocity.  The final group is 5 shots the last of which is low 7 o’clock and that was my fatigued eye as the reflection from the white paper was harsh.

Great rifle


Hi Team, just thought I would drop a note to say how please I am with the service and product.

Awesome customer service special thanks to  Hannah, fantastic communication throughout  the process..

The Maximus Suppressor for 300wsm is “massive” see the 7 shot group @ 100m below,  reduced recoil and tightened the group right up, what more could a long range shooter or any shooter want.


Thanks heaps Robbie keep up the good work!!!