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We are often asked if our website is up to date
* We pride ourselves in keeping our website up to date.  We do this manually. 
* We are not in the habit of advertising goods as available when they are not.
* Our website is 99% up to date with 1% fudge factor (as it is a manual process & goods do sell out over night)
* We are aware that some companies deliberately leave goods in stock when they don't have it, that is not our practice
* Sometimes our goods may appear more expensive than other websites, this is often because we receive stock daily at today's price & its in stock
* We pride ourselves on quick dispatch of your goods, if you order before 4pm on a working day, we attempt to dispatch your goods that day
* For non rural addresses we use an overnight service where possible, rural is approx 2-4 days delivery 

Remembering Robbie, five years on, five years gone, dearly loved, dearly missed every day 16 May 1965 - 17th October 2018

We are P (prohibited) endorsed Gunsmiths

It is with the greatest of sadness to announce the passing of Robbie Tiffen on Wednesday 17th October 2018.  He was an amazingly talented man and an asset to the shooting community.  

I am proud to have worked beside Robbie for all these years building an incredibly successful business together here at Gunworks. 

For a few years now, we have been preparing for this loss and as Robbie stepped back, our team at Gunworks has continued to deliver the high standard of service and products to the shooters of New Zealand and abroad.  This will not change. 

Robbie and I have an exceptional Gunworks Team:  Grant, Keith, Bill and Renelle and we look forward to your ongoing support as we continue to give you the same amazing service and products in the future.

Because Robbie touched so many lives and knew so many people, his funeral had to be private. For those who missed out, here are the links to it, it is in 3 parts. funeral part 1 funeral part 2 funeral part 3

Amanda Tiffen and the Gunworks Team

Guns & Accessories

Gunworks was the first to design and manufacture the overbarrel sound suppressor in NZ and was the first to offer the overbarrel sound suppressor for sale to NZ Hunters and Shooters in the 1990's.

The Gunworks overbarrel suppressor design is the base design for many of the overbarrel suppressors you see in guns in NZ today.

Gunworks has 2 full time specialised gunsmiths. Gunworks retail shop started as the workshop store holding parts and gun accessories and testfire ammo, powder and projectiles.

We now stock a full range of hunting and shooting accessories which are available online, by phone, email or visit our shop during working hours which are:-

9am - 5pm Monday - Friday 

Late night Tuesdays 9am - 6pm

GST #108-770-538