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By browsing, accessing or using this site, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions, as well as any relevant disclaimers contained in this document. By purchasing a product or service from this website, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Gunworks Limited reserves the right to change all or any of the information contained on this site at any time. Gunworks Limited reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content or cancel orders at their sole discretion. Any orders cancelled by Gunworks Limited, but paid for, will receive a full refund.


To purchase from this site, you must be sixteen years of age or over.

To purchase a firearm, ammunition or other restricted items as defined by the New Zealand Police you are required to be eighteen years of age or over and hold a current New Zealand Firearms Licence, with the appropriate endorsements. You must also supply Gunworks Limited with the appropriate New Zealand Police documentation when purchasing, we will email you all the information you need once your purchase has been made.  The police will then email us your police mail order form, we cannot accept police mail order forms emailed to us direct from the customer.


We accept the following payment types:

All transactions from Gunworks Limited will appear on the cardholders statement as ‘Gunworks Limited’

Failure to make payment for service to your firearm/s gives Gunworks Limited the right to hold onto your firearm until payment has been made.


All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST. We reserve the right to alter prices for any reason.

Due to the volume and diverse nature of the products we sell, errors in listings are inevitable, therefore if any mistake of quantity, rate and amount in any sold amount will be again countable.

Errors and ommissions excepted.

Online Security

All online transactions that involve data entered by you are carried out via secure encryption to ensure 100% internet privacy.

Website Content

Information, images & logos contained in this website are Copyright by Gunworks Limited, do not use our logo without prior permission. Any other brand, company and product logos are property of their owners not Gunworks Limited


Placing an order with Gunworks Limited means you agree and accept our terms & conditions. Any order placed will receive a confirmation email containing receipt and track & trace number. If the product is out of stock we will get in touch with you regarding the next available delivery. Gunworks Limited has the right to cancel any order with a full refund. All required forms must be filled out; goods for service need the paperwork with the item. Goods to purchase need all paperwork prior to shipment of goods.

Any orders placed for a service will receive confirmation when your firearm/part arrives at Gunworks Limited. Gunworks Limited requires all work service forms filled out, please put in as much detail as possible and forms are located under the "Forms" tab. Gunworks Limited will not commence any work on your firearm if there is the slightest bit of misunderstanding, or unclear description of work. We will only ever do work on your rifle if we agree the work will benefit the rifle & the use of the rifle. If you would like to discuss the work to be completed or have any questions please ring. When we confirm work to be completed this is your last chance to change your mind. Gunworks Limited will endeavour to the best of their efforts to make sure you have a clear understanding of work to be completed, if you do not have a clear understanding Gunworks Limited takes no liability with work completed & will require bill payment.

Freight (including Dealer to Dealer), Charges and Delivery Times

We use a Dealer to Dealer freight service to help with ease of arranging your firearm to reach Gunworks Limited. Please see our Dealer to Dealer tab at the top of our website for more details.

Toll under their contract & conditions of carriage ‘Carriage of Goods Act 1979’ does not send any dangerous goods to a rural delivery, this includes Ammunition, Primers and Powder. Powder and Primers will only be sent to an address in the South Island New Zealand or a Toll Depot for pick up.

All items sent by Toll and NZ Couriers are insured up to $2000.00 by the courier companies insurer (if your claim is accepted). If you would like additional insurance, you will need to arrange that with your own insurance company. Any claim for goods lost or damaged in transit will not be against Gunworks Limited, we will endeavour to help out to the best of our capabilities. Gunworks Limited will take the up most care in packaging your parcel to ensure a safe trip to you, if any damage occurs while in transit Gunworks Limited takes no liability for this.

Dispatch days are Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

Returns Policy

You can only return a product to Gunworks Limited within 14 days of purchase if the product is in its original packaging undamaged WITH THE ORIGINAL PRICE STICKER (IE IF YOUR PRICE STICKER HAS BEEN PEELED OFF OR TAMPERED WITH WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO NOT REFUND OR EXCHANGE), we will not refund a used item. If no sticker was on the purchased item then proof of purchase is required, if you don't have your invoice, please provide the date of purchase and amount taken from your bank account and we will search the transaction internally.  If you have paid by cash and no sticker on the goods, then receipt is required or we cannot refund sorry.  We will get in touch with you as soon as we have received the product back into Gunworks Limited.  If your return is after 14 days from purchase, the acceptance of a return will be viewed on a case by case circumstance as some goods may have since been restocked.  Refunds approved within 14 days can either be refunded by the same method payment was made or by store credit.  Approved refunds granted after 14 days will be by store credit.

We cannot refund:

* Freight

* Sample Packs (health and safety reasons)

* Primers (health and safety reasons)

* Ammunition (health and safety reasons)

* Gun Powder (health and safety reasons)

* Opened packets of projectiles (health and safety reasons)

* Goods where the price sticker has been removed (due to ongoing increasing prices) unless a proof of purchase accompanies the goods.

* Goods returned after 14 days from purchase unless approved by Gunworks

If your item needs to be returned due to a warranty problem please ring us prior to inform us of this product coming back. Once we have received the item & confirmed the problem we will supply you with a replacement item. If there is no replacement item available we will ring you to discuss your options.

Gunworks Limited guarantee’s our workmanship on all gunsmithing, if you have any queries regarding our work please get in touch with us straight away & do not attempt to fix anything yourself. We will assess each warranty on a case by case situation.

*** If your goods have increased in value since you purchased them, we will NOT refund you at "todays price", your refund (if accepted) will be at your purchase price... this may sound surprising but more than 1 peson has asked ***

Changing or Cancellation of Orders

You can preview your order and the total amount in your shopping cart before you place your order with Gunworks Limited. Once your order has been placed, you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail. Your order will then enter then be processed & ready for courier straight away. Once your order is in the courier process, no further changes can be made. A separate order will need to be completed should you wish to purchase any additional products. Should you wish to cancel your order altogether once you have received your Order Confirmation e-mail, you must contact us immediately.

If you change your mind for requested work you must let us know at the time of confirmation of receipting in your firearm.

The Consumer Guarantees Act (1993)

All purchases from this site are covered by the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

Gunsmithing Limited Warranty

All gunsmithing services hold a 6 month "limited" warranty from the date of invoice, so it is important you test fire your firearm before this warranty period ends as Gunworks Ltd reserves the right to charge for any ongoing services relating to the inital service/work preformed.

Gunworks Suppressor Warranty

All Gunworks suppressors hold a lifetime warranty for the lifetime of the suppressor.  Any issues caused by manufacturing or material defects will be covered.  Any modifications made to our suppressors by anyone or any company other than Gunworks may void your warranty.  Any unintended use (ie suppressor placed on wrong firearm or wrong calibre ammunition used) will void your warranty.  If your suppressor is not screwed on and fitted correctly which results in damage to your suppressor or firearm, is not covered by warranty and Gunworks is not liable for damage to your firearm.  Gunworks accepts no liability for any damage caused to your firearm or suppressor if incorrectly used. Where damage has been caused to your suppressor outside of manufacturing or material defects, Gunworks will do what they can to repair your suppressor at an resonable cost to you.  If you leave your suppressor on your firearm all day every day and corrosion builds up inside the suppressor or on your thread and causes damage to your suppressor or thread, this is not covered by warranty as all of our overbarrel suppressors must be stored OFF your firearm.  Our suppressors are not designed to be pulled apart or cleaned (other than our Hybrid model), if you pull your suppressor apart, you will need to send it back to us to be reassembled and any time taken, parts replaced and freight will not be covered by warranty.  If you suppressor damage is covered by warranty, you will need to cover the cost of sending the suppressor to us (if not dropping off) and we will cover the cost to get it back to you.

Custom making a suppressor

If Gunworks Limited agrees to make a custom made suppressor, we will make that suppressor to your measurements and thread.  If the suppressor does not fit your firearm because measurements or thread supplied was incorrect, Gunworks Limited reserves the right to charge a $200 restocking fee and will remake your suppressor from the new measurements or thread supplied.  In some cases your firearm may be required to make a custom made suppressor and if this is the case, you will be advised of this before proceeding.  Full payment of the suppressor will be required before manufacturing commences.


Gunworks Limited as the right to terminate any order, service and customer account at any stage without notice.

Product Images & Descriptions

Gunworks Limited has endeavoured to try & display the image as accurately as possible. Depending on the product colour and computer monitor there may be a slight colour variance.

Gunworks Limited has tried to describe any product as accurate as possible, we do recommend if you have any questions regarding a product to give us a ring so we can help you out. If the product you receive isn’t as it’s described you can return the item for a full refund.

Liability and Disclaimers

You, the customer agrees that by using Gunworks Limited website is at your own risk.
This website will be kept as accurate as possible re stock numbers but as the website doesn’t update stock details live, the desired product maybe out of stock at the time of purchase. If your desired product is out of stock at the time of purchase we will get in touch with you straight away, you will have the option of waiting & allowing us to fulfil your order, offered an alternative or receiving a refund.

International Customers

For any international purchases please contact us prior to proceeding through to the checkout. To purchase suppressors, components and accessories you may be asked to obtain an export permit. Permits are issued free of charge by the International Security & Disarmament Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For further information regarding the export permit please see or email