Suitable for 338 Lapua, 338 Edge, 7mm RUM & 300 RUM (or any calibres which take 100+ grains of powder) 

1/7/2020 - Suppressors by mail order now require a police mail order form required to purchase refer to Arms Act Changes - Purchasing Parts and Suppressors gunworks_suppressor_work_required_form.pdf gunworks_work_request_form_2021.pdf (SUPPRESSOR WORK REQUEST FORM)

suppressors_and_length.pdf recommended_barrel_lengths.pdf (RECOMMENDED BARREL CHART)

SUPPRESSOR ONLY $500         FITTED $585

Reduces recoil by half and removes 2/3rds noise reduction

Dimensions: 50mm outside dia 5” forward of muzzle & 10” back

The longer it is the better the suppression but some users want to keep the length down.

All applications when a big suppressor is desired, ideal for bull barrel rifles, heavy calibres, subsonic, wildcats.


15” (380mm) Suppressor Maximus Mega

Suitable for 338 Lapua, 338 Edge, 7mm RUM & 300 RUM 5” forward of muzzle & 10” back

Weight 700grams approx, colours—Black


Blue Suppressor Bag additional                      $10.00

Barrel threading additional                               $85.00

(custom made thread protector cap incl. in threading  price)

Neoprene Suppressor Cover 10”                            $26.00

Neoprene Suppressor Cover 15”                            $30.00

Gunworks Canterbury currently leads the centrefire rifle sound suppressor market, introducing the overbarrel suppressor concept in the early 1990’s.

Suppressors are made from a combination of stainless steel internals and aluminium body to reduce weight.  Life expectancy of the unit is in excess of 16000 rounds from the ones we have checked when changing barrels.

Fitting time is 3-7 working days.  We recommend that users consider shortening their barrels slightly when the suppressor is fitted to reduce the overall length of the equipment, for example, a .223 with a factory standard 23 inch barrel would probably be bought back to 20 inches without any noticeable decrease in performance.

These suppressors are a 2 point mount and are impossible to knock out of alignment (as may happen with muzzle forward cans).  All suppressors incorporate a barrel isolator tube which prevents carbon and gas sticking to the outside of the barrel under the suppressor.

Sound signature of a high velocity round for any caliber, ie .222 Rem to 7mm mag, is similar to a stock whip cracking (or a 22 magnum thereabouts), that is the noise of the projectile breaking the speed of sound.  When used on game, the animal only notices the “stock whip” like crack originating above them.  The position of the firer is undeterminable.  This often leaves the animals milling and unsure of where to run, particularly at night under a spotlight.

Reasons for suppressor ownership: 

-     Reduces hearing damage

-     Reduces fright to other game animals

-     Reduces damage to the hearing of hunting dogs

-     Reduces concern among other outdoor users

-     No reduction in accuracy or hitting power.