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Fluted Browning BAR .308


Suppressor on .22cal / .410 Combination Rifle.




41mm DIA DURALIUM SUPPRESSOR - Reduces recoil by half and removes 2/3rds noise

SUPPRESSOR ONLY $340                  FITTED $405

9” 41mm

Suitable for 22 Hornet, 222, 223, 22-250, 243, 260, 270, 280, 308, 7.62x39, 30-06  etc (not magnums)

9” in length (230mm), sits 4” forward & 5” back over the barrel

Weight 320 – 330grams  (alu internal muzzlebrake 5-6,000 rnds)

Colour - Black

13.5” 41mm Magnum

Suitable for 270wsm, 7mm saum, 7mm rem mag, 300wsm etc (not suitable for ultra mags)

13.5” in length (340mm), sits 5” forward & 8.5” back

Weight 460–470grams  (s/s internal muzzlebrake 20,000 rnds)



Blue Suppressor Bag additional                                       $10.00

Barrel threading additional                                               $65.00

(custom made thread protector cap incl. in threading  price)

Neoprene Suppressor Cover 9"                                             $24.00

Neoprene Suppressor Cover 13.5”                                            $26.00

BUSHMASTER 223 M4  41mm dia

9” in length (230mm), 4” forward, 5” back Weight — 365grams approx s/s internal muzzlebrake—Black



This interesting technique of fire forming wildcat cartridge brass using

the FL die screwed into the front of an old lee Enfield, a light fire forming

charge blows the brass out and the case is ready to go, obviously

benefits are that headspace can be set at whatever you want, and

the fired case is fully sized! Case pictured is a 30 Gibbs.

Case capacity for comparison with ball powder

270 win 62gns,

6.5-06AI 67gns.

.30 Gibbs 70.5

264 Win Mag 75.5gn


27/3/14 - Action lightening on a remington 700 long action, 100 grams removed off

the receiver, ready for a lightweight alpine rifle build




Parker Hale Safari 7mm rem mag rebarreled into 6.5-303, an unusual conversion that we haven't

done before




Magazine slot modification to allow another 2.5mm

projectile protrusion



Lighten Remington Bolt  

Flute $138.00 incl GST

Firing Pin Assembly (fluted steel) $165.00 incl GST 

Lighten Bolt Handle and Knob $138.00 incl GST

= $441 less 15% = $374.85




 Please note if your bolt is blued, it will need to be reblued so will take longer than 7-10 working days to complete

 Lightening Action (also allows top feed) $80 + GST ($92 incl GST)





We have been warning people about firing at animals too far away and

straining the barrel! and  nek minit......boom!!!








My own Remington .308 lightened up before I took it down to South

Westland for the 2013 roar. Without the suppressor and scope it was

under 5lb

Some of the weights before and after are:

Reciever 420gms to 332gms

Bolt 358gms to 239gms

Barrel 1.133gms to 766

Talley rings 60gms

stock screws 17gms to 12gms

Gunworks Duralite suppressor with all alu internals and micro isolator

tube 270gms



 Tikka T3 7mm-08 with a few extra lightening mods, bolt and barrel

fluted, barrel nock's turned, barrel turned down under the suppressor

and the top of the reciever milled open for weight and ease of loading

fast through the ejection port





Interesting project at the test fire stage, started life as a saiga 20 gauge

semi auto. A .577 snider barrel was found and fitted, FRANKEIN-SNIDER

is now a genuine 7 shot gas operated semi auto firing 480gn Minie balls

with FFG black powder at a bit over 1000fps, 



                   "MUSKET & CANNON SHOOT"




                 EXPLODED CASE 5/2/2013