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Tikka T3 & T3X Long Action Steel Bolt Stop

$75.00 Incl GST

This is a long action T3 & T3X bolt stop made by us at gunworks. Made from 316 stainless, oxide blasted and then beaded 

Tikka T3 & T3X comes in one action and bolt length regardless of calibre

On the 223 or 7mm-08 for example, the rearward movement of the bolt is restricted by the bolt stop shoulder which is about 10mm forward of the long action bolt stop.

Very early T3 & T3X bolt stops could be filed back, but not the later ones which have a hollow section in them that the bolt damages when operated.

Use these when converting a 7mm-08 to 284, 280, 280AI, 260 to 6.5 Rem mag or 264 Win mag or 308 to 30 Gibbs or whatever.

Can also be filed back a bit further if you have lengthened your mag and now the bolt can't get back far enough to pick up a cartridge. 

Have made a handful of these as we need them when doing Tikka rechambers

Hand made, and they are a pain in the arse to make!

Easily changed, take the action out of the stock, take out the bolt stop axis pin out from underneath, exchange bolt stops, make sure the wee spring powering it doesn't fall out as you will need to put it in the spring hole of the new one. Put action back in stock, push it backwards and forward and feel it drop over the alu recoil lug in the stock, if the barrel looks excessively high in the barrel channel its because you are sitting on top of the recoil lug.

We follow the original specs and the factory ones are the same part number for left and right so isn't a difference, but sometimes the reciever has the axis pins slightly different and that positions the bolt stop not in the same place, so thats something to watch and may need a slight polish to get fitting right, even though they have been test fitted in our recievers and fit fine. Probably happens about 1 in 20 recievers.