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Threading your barrel

$135.00 Incl GST

Full price threading $135 incl GST

Full price threading is charged when we fit other suppressor brands (not Gunworks' Suppressor) to your rifle (suppressor must be supplied to ensure suppressor is lined up etc).   Thread protector-cap provided

Discounted Threading $85 incl GST

We will discount the price of your threading to $85 incl GST if you are threading for a Gunworks Limited Suppressor (suppressor must be supplied to ensure suppressor is concentric).  Thread protector cap provided.

Different threads available:  ½x20, ½x28, 9/16x18, 9/16x24, 5/8x24, 13x1, 14x1, 16x1.5, 18x1

Additional costs that MAY BE involved (normally for overbarrel suppressors):

* New delrin bush $20 incl GST

Return freight South Island $30, North Island $40

Suppressor must always be supplied when threading