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Lee Cutter & Lock Stud/case trimmer 90110

$20.00 Incl GST

Lee Cutter & Lock Stud/case trimmer   #90110

Lee Cutter & Lock Stud Large case trimmer.
Motorize your case preparation. Fits any electrick drill. Trim, chamfer & polish your cases electrically or by hand
After a case has been loaded a few times, it will stretch beyond maximum length and must be trimmed. There is no better system to check and trim cases than with the Lee case length gauge and cutter. You don't need an expensive caliper to set length and never waste even a single case setting up with the cut and try system common to all other fixed length design assures it will never go out of adjustment.

The cutter and lock stud works for all calibers. You will need only one. The case length gauge (pilot) and shell holder must be ordered as a case length gauge and shell holder for each calibre. You can trim cases by hand, use an electric drill or the Lee Zip trim.

This is used in conjuction with the "Lee cutter and lock stud" to trim case to the correct length, this can be purchased instore.