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Lee Auto Bench Prime 90700

$92.00 Incl GST


The simplest and most practical bench priming tool available. The symmetrical shape enables for easy usage with either hand. With merely finger pressure, this comfortable lever with exactly the proper amount of mechanical advantage comfortably seats even the most difficult primers. The ideal mechanical advantage for feeling the primer fully seated in the priming pocket.

Priming assemblies for large and small primers are included. Made of a water-clear, durable polyester that allows you to see the primers as they move from the tray to the primer pocket. In seconds, change the primer size or shell holder.

The innovative folding tray allows you to get from package to priming in seconds. The primer flipping feature incorporated within the tray allows direct filling from today's huge priming boxes. The tool mounting holes are positioned for use with the Lee Bench Plate system (#90251) or directly on your workbench.

There's no need to keep swapping press shell holders because it uses special, yet inexpensive priming tool shell holders.