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Kano Kroil

$46.00 Incl GST

Oil that creeps and loosens frozen metal parts, displaces water, provides lubrication and prevents rust

Loosens the toughest stuck together metal parts or your money back. Harmless to metal, prevents rust. Use kroil to loosen nuts, bolts, studs, screws, pulleys, shafts, bearings, guns, pip threads, valve guides or on any corroded matal parts for lubricating air driven tools, for removing rust and gummed oil and grease, great for cleaning rifles and guns.

A scientific principle reduces the surface tension so that this amazing solvent creeps into openings as small as one millionth of an inch. Kroil loosens frozen and metal joints in minutes. Dissolves gum, dried grease and oil without attacking the metal. Displaces water, provides lubrication and prevents rust.

Contents: Net wt. 8oz (277g.) 236ml

** flamable/combustable liquid so Dangerous goods freight $25 **

Kano Kroil