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Hornady Subsonic 300 Blackout 190gr Sub-X x 20 Ammunition / Ammo - 80877

$72.00 Incl GST

Hornady Subsonic 300 Blackout 190gr SUB-X x 20 

Sub-X® Bullet Technology

In addition to its patented Flex Tip®, long grooves in the gilding metal jacket of the 190 gr Sub-X® combine with the bullet’s flat profile to ensure expansion. The Sub-X® features a lead core and a cannelure for a positive case crimp for use in semi-automatics.

Proven Performance

Performance of 300 Blackout Subsonic meets or exceeds FBI Protocol terminal ballistic test requirements. Impact velocity of 1,020 fps into ballistic gelatin provides 16-18” penetration and 90%+ weight retention.

Silent and Stealthy

Hornady® Subsonic Ammunition doesn’t have the loud report of a supersonic round, and paired with a suppressor, it’s even quieter. Unique powders optimized for subsonic use result in a low flash signature, ideal for either suppressed or unsuppressed performance.

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