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Bolt Fluting

$158.00 Incl GST

Bolt fluting for cylindrical bolts such as Tikka T3 & t3X, Sako, Remington, marlin etc 8 flutes, $158 incl GST

We can't flute Howa as the metal is too hard and we don't flute browning bolts as they are flat, anything that has a groove, hole, clips or non cylindrical, as these bolts will no longer operate smoothly if we flute them.

Your bolt WILL BE spiral fluted.

Benefits of having your bolt fluted:

  • Take weight out of the bolt
  • Aesthetically pleasing


Please note if your bolt is blued, it will need to be reblued so will take

longer than 7-10 working days to complete

Also if it is cerakoted we will beadblast it and it will be up to you to re-cerakote it.

Return freight of bolt $7.50 non rural or $11 rural