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44-40 Win/WCF (Winchester Centrefire)

$74.95 Incl GST

Lee Reloading dies 44-40 WCF #90564 $74.95

Comes with:

Powder through expanding die
Steel sizing Die
Bullet Seating Die
shell holder
powder measure


Lyman Reloading 3 dies set 44-40 Win #7460495 $106.95  

Rifle 3 Die Sets consisting of:
- Full length resizing die with decapping stem
- Two step neck expanding die.
- Bullet seating die. 

 **These dies are threaded 7/8" x 14, this is the industry standard for reloading dies and presses, so will fit all modern Lee, Hornady, RCBS, Lyman ect, presses***