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WINCHESTER 748 ** GUNPOWDER DELIVERY CHANGES please read before ordering **

$100.00 Incl GST


Due to TOLL no longer taking gunpowder please read the below link before ordering

1lb container $100 or WC748 available for $85 - WC748 is the bulk version of win748.  WC748 is made by the same company (St Marks) that makes win 748 - WC 748 is shipped to Winchester in 1lb tins and relabelled as win 748.  We have had WC748 shipped in bulk to us and we have decanted it into 1lb cans and kept the label original WC748

The powder of choice for 223 remington ammunition.

The low flame temperature of 748 extends barrel life compared to other similar speed powders.

It is ideal fora wide variey of centrefire rifle loads, including 222 remington, 30-30 winchester, 308 winchester and up to 485 winchester magnum