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Tikka T3 & T3X Recoil Lug Stainless Steel - also fits Sako A7

$35.00 Incl GST

The Tikka T3 & T3X uses an aluminum recoil lug that becomes indented over time, especially the heavier calibres.

We have made up some harder stainless steel version that will replace your alu lug.

Most of the damage we see to Tikka T3 & T3X alu lugs is corrosion, NZ conditions means water tracks into that area and causes the white powder and pitting type corrosion.

Interestingly, the new Tikka T3X, has done away with the alu lug, but put in a steel one, which is certainly stronger, but will no doubt rust, like the black stock screws and the internal firing assembly parts, that no one ever oils.

Changing over to stainless is straight forward, undo the 2 screws at the front and back of the trigger guard, ease the action away from the stock, the recoil lug will either fall out, or use pliers with smooth jaws to pull it out.

If its being stubbon, put the forearm vertical in a padded vise, barrel channel facing towards you and push away on the butt. This cause the hole in the stock to expand and release its grip on the lug.

Assembly is the reverse, make sure the recoil lug drops into the recess in the reciever properly, and doesn't just sit on top if it. Simples!