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Stirling 22lr & 22 mag magazines ** sold out ** note we can modify 15 rounds to 10 rounds see below

$135.00 Incl GST

We can modify your current magazine to comply with the new laws

Shorten 15 round stirling rimfire magazine to hold 10 rounds (permanent modification)

This modification will not be reimbursed by the Government they are only paying for modification to a rifle not a magazine.


Stirling 1500 22mag 5 shot magazine STM1500 $105 **Out of Stock**

Stirling M14P 22lr 10 shot magazine  STM14 $90 *** sold out **

-This model (M14P) is a semi-auto so high velocity rounds are required to cycle the action properly

Stirling M20P 22lr 15 shot magazine STM20-15 $90  ** sold out **