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MTM Ammo Wallet for BIG game .378, 404 Jeffery, .416 Rigby and even bigger

$16.95 Incl GST

Hunters will appreciate being able to remove bullets quickly and quietly from their jacket or shirt pocket using these 9 round ammo wallets. These boxes hold your ammo securely and also provide tip protectio and come with a textured finish. 

African Big Game Ammo Carrier 
These 10-round ammo carriers are perfect for the sportsman on safari. 

BUF-10-70: Holds 10 Rounds 
378 Wby, 416 Wby, 460 Wby, 416 Rigby, 404 Jeffery, 45-90, 465 Nitro Express, 470 Nitro Express, 470 Kynoch, 500 Nitro