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Legendary Arms Stock for Remington 700 BDL Long Action without cheek piece right handed ** sold out **

$630.00 Incl GST

Legendary Arms Stock for Remington 700 BDL Long Action without cheek piece right handed

Information from Legendary Arms Website:

All stocks are handcrafted by skilled technicians using formulated epoxy resins selected for maximum strength and durability. The stock is made with continuous multi-stage layers of “e-glass” fiberglass with graphite reinforcement in critical areas. The stock is made by pressure lamination with mold parting lines on the top and bottom. The surface finish is intended to be painted or finished in some manner. Structural urethane foam is used in the butt and forearm to reduce weight and increase strength. We emphasize “quality”, not quantity. The end result is a stock that looks, feels, fits and performs like it was intended. Each stock is individually “handcrafted.


  • Design: Stocks have a slender wrist section, “Classic” dimensions, with as high a comb as possible and very little drop at the heel – average 9/16 of an inch.
  • Installation: Our stocks are intended for gunsmith installation and in order to achieve maximum accuracy, the rifle must be glass bedded. Our tolerances are kept to a minimum which means that fitting will be necessary. Our stocks are NOT a drop in fit and require significant work to produce a final product.
  • Glass Bedding Our Stocks: Because our stocks are made with epoxy resin, epoxy glass bedding kits and/or materials will bond both mechanically and chemically to our stocks – no need for anchor holes. The expansion coefficient of the stock and the epoxy bedding material are the same, therefore, temperature and time will not affect the bond.
  • Recoil: Due to the internal construction of our stocks, they do not transmit energy in the same manner as wood or injection molded stocks. The structural urethane foam making up the inner core changes the time duration in which energy is transmitted. If you spread energy transmission over a longer period of time, you will feel less of the recoil.
  • Length of Pull: Our stocks are 13.5 inches in “LOP” without the recoil pad installed.
  • Sling Swivel Studs: Our stocks are factory equipped with sling swivel studs. These studs are backed with internal aluminum anchors molded into the stock for maximum strength.

Technical Specs

  • Right Hand
  • Without Cheek Piece
  • 25-06 through 416mag
  • Barrel Channel molded for factory contour*
  • Approximate weight 619
  • *Barrel Channel. The stock is design to handle the Original Factory Barrel Contour with minimal fitting. Other barrel contours may be used but will require more significant fitting.
  • **Weights vary due to material changes to make our stocks. Stock weights are based on random samples and may vary slightly. Weights are taken from fully inletted stocks such as the Remington BDL. All stocks are weighed at their maximum length of pull (13 7/8 without a recoil pad).