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Lee replacement pin for pistol decapping die 90027

$15.00 Incl GST

Steel factory replacement decapping pin for lee pistol decapping die

The lee90027 is similar to the lee90783 replacement pin but the 90027 shorter.  The length of the 90027 is 85mm with pin (75mm without the pin) and the length of the lee90783 is 100mms (93mm without the pin). 

The lee90027 replacement pin would just stick out of the top of Lee's shorter dies.

The 90027 will work in any pistol decap die except for the decapper in the collet die set.  It is a special decap rod with a rim at the top.  If you are replacing an expanding decap rod with the 90027, you will need to use a powder through expanding die to open the case mouth.