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Lee Bullet Seating Die 8x57 | 8 x 57 91454 ** 1 only **

$35.00 Incl GST

Lee Bullet Seating Die 8x57 ** 1 only **

Simply screw the die in until it touches the shell holder, plus an additional 1/4 turn and finger tighten the lock ring.  Bullet seating depth is controlled by the adjusting screw.  Rotate the adjusting screw clockwise to seat the bullet deeper and counterclockwise for a longer overall length.  Bullet seating depth plays an important rolse in accuracy.  Many shooters prefer to seat the bullet .020 to 0.030 inches away from the rifling.  Others prefer that it just touch the rifling.  Only you can determine which produces the best accuracy.  Caution: Never seat bullets deeper than the minium overall length listed by reliable load data sources.