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Howa .223 mini action bare rifle only

$1099.00 Incl GST

*** Please note Howa DO NOT make these rifles in Left Hand, ONLY RIGHT HAND ***

Mini Howa action with short and skinny bolt and detach magazine.

Available in:

Howa mini action 223

-stainless barrel

-black or green synthetic stock

10 round magazine

For an extra $55 you can change your stock to Highland Camo or Multi Cam colour

The total length of the rifle is 1000mm (40inches)

The total weight of the bare rifle with the bases is 2.638kg (5lb 13oz)

Howa Mini Action Chamber and bolt are 12% shorter than regular short actions with shorter bolt throw for faster reloads. 20" drawn steel barrel, three position safety and H.A.C.T. two-stage trigger. Factory equipped with a ten round, synthetic detachable magazine. Lightweight and Fast! 

Looks a lot like the old Sako vixen or L461, note the bottom of the action and the bolster at the root of the bolt handle which gives the wide cocking cam path and allows the quick detach firing pin assembly feature common to the early sakos.

Mag for 223 will hold 10 rounds and is also suitable for 300 BO

2 stage trigger is nice to use, and 3 postion safety allows the bolt to be opened with the safety applied.

Licence or mail order form required.