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Howa 1500 rifle 223 scope rings, scope, 35mm dia suppressor green stock

$1554.00 Incl GST

*** Please note Howa DO NOT make these rifles in Left Hand, ONLY RIGHT HAND ***

Stainless steel Howa rifle

Howa 1500 223

Package comes with:
* Thread protector cap 

* Scope rings 

* Scope (Nikko Stirling 3-9x40 Gameking or panamax whichever we have in stock at the time)
* Lightweight Gunworks 35mm spartan suppressor with aluminium internal muzzlebrake (lasts 5-6,000 rounds)  5" forward and 8.5" back

A Howa lightweight with the Scope, Rings weights 8lb 14oz (4.03kg). The bare rifles are only fractionally heavier than a Tikka T3, which is quite a change from the old Howas, which were regarded as a bit heavy.

The Howa is based on the early model Sako action, features a one piece forged bolt, (not built out of pieces like so many are now) Has easy strip out firing pin assembly for ease of cleaning (not that anybody seems to bother these days!)
Flat bottom action for better bedding, and integral recoil lug to transfer trunion pull.

2 stage trigger is nice to use and 3 postion safety allows the bolt to be opened with the safety applied.

Licence or mail order form required.