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$130.00 Incl GST

In all options, please be aware when the bolt is in the halfcock position and the trigger is pulled, the bolt will slam down, usually the firearm would not fire as there is too much drag on the mechanism, however there is always a chance that the mechanism does have enough drag to fire so for safety reasons, always be aware the firearm could discharge. This is regardless of whether the rifle is loaded or unloaded. See gunworks youtube video

*** Its always an unsafe practice to snap the action closed with a live round in the chamber ***

Option 1

Standard halfcock is when the bolt can move to the half position, the safety will only engage when the bolt is down (as it left the factory) and you cannot lift the bolt with the safety on - We don't make any changes to the safety. ; $130

Option 2

We take the safety bolt stop lock off

This means that the firer can place the bolt in half cock or a fireable state or open the bolt in all positions with the safety on and the rifle will not fire until you release the safety. ; $130

Option 3

We machine a hole in the halfcock position which locks the bolt in the halfcock and you cannot move the bolt until you put the safety into the fire position. $165

Halfcock, includes upgrade mainspring and firing pin shaft polish and trigger job