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Genuine Harris “S series” Bipod model S-BRM 6-9" Bench Rest Style

$288.00 Incl GST

6-9" S-BRM  ** small bench rest size **

Genuine USA made Harris bipod...... ......not the nasty soft as butter, leg bending, screw falling out, paint flaking wingpong knock offs, although we see those being sold as genuine which is pretty bad.

Remember a genuine harris has 'Harris USA' factory stamped on the back of the rear shield. Harris Bipod "S" with notched legs  the only way to go, not the poxy friction leg lock that lets go just as you try to take a shot!)


Harris Notch legged bipod "S" series lightest weight, 6-9" legs, notched in 1" increments, spring out when released not retracting inwards.  Rotate to either side for instant levelling on uneven ground.  Hinged base has tension adjustment and buffer springs to eliminate tremour or looseness in crotch area of the bipod.

* Attaches or detaches in seconds

* Positively will not change point of impact

* Quick folding or erection

* Attachement permits normal use of carying sling

* Fits practically all bolt action rifles