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Classic Upland 12-20 Bore Cartridge Bag

$199.00 Incl GST

These are based on a traditional English design for pheasant, duck and quail, and beautifully executed. Work for 12, 16 and 20 gauge shells.

Features include:

* leather is deeply tanned and wax condtioned
* Canvas is quality waterproof 16 ounce material
* Genuine brass buckles.
* Hand stitching.
* 18 cartridge "ready loops" for ready access to shells for quick reloading (Shells can be grabbed between fingers).
* Main compartment holds 150 rounds (or a couple of rabbits!)
* Throat straps on sides of bag allow you to carry up to 8 quail or 4 pheasant from the front and rear of the bag.