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AR15 Ambi Safety ** p licence required to purchase **

$90.00 Incl GST

AR15 ambi safety catch fits Colt, DPMS Bushmaster Armalite Wyndam and the Chinese ones as well.

Handy for left handers, also for right handers as some people use the trigger finger to push the safety off using the right hand side lever.

Good as an indicator that you are on safe, also so your mates can see the safety is applied, unlike the usual type where it is very hard to see if the safety is on.

A point to note is that these safetys stick out 1mm or so more than the factory one. A lower reciever is 22.3mm wide at the safety area, the ambi safety is 24.2 wide between the paddles, so the paddles will be .95mm away from the sides of the receiever, this prevents the paddle catching the top of various pistol grips, or rubbing on the alu anodising and wearing through it. The position is dictated by the where the safety detent holds the safety so, can be more out one side that the other. If this freaks you out, probably best not to buy it.

Use a 2mm allen key to assemble, and best practice is a touch of blue loctite (don't use red as it needs heat to dismantle, or green which is permanent assembly) but you can put it togeather without loctite if you don't have any

Not too hard to install, there will be some vids on youtube.