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50mm dia Maximus Suppressor all calibers except 300 blackout

$330.00 Incl GST


SUPPRESSOR ONLY $330          FITTED $415

Dimensions: 50mm outside dia.  The muzzle forward portion of the suppressor can be anywhere from 75mm to 125mm. The longer it is the better the suppression but some users want to keep the length down.

All applications when a big suppressor is desired, ideal for bull barrel rifles, heavys, subsonic, wildcats. 

5.75” (145mm) Suppressor Maximus Weasel – 223 only

4.25” Forward of muzzle & 1.5” back, weight 355grams approx

10” (254mm) Suppressor Maximus Standard – most calibers

4” Forward of muzzle & 6” back, weight 500 grams approx

15” (380mm) Suppressor Maximus Mega

Suitable for 338 Lapua, 338 Edge, 7mm RUM & 300 RUM 5” forward of muzzle & 10” back

Weight 700grams approx, colours—Black

Measurements we will need:

To ensure the isolator tube fits over your barrel, please let us know the following measurements on your barrel (we can also bore the bush out to this measurement so the suppressor fits straight on your rifle):

The measurement we require on a 50mm maximus weasel 5.75" (4.25" forward and 1.5" back) is 38mm from the shoulder of the thread

The measurement we require on a 50mm maximus 10" (4" forward and 6" back) is 153mm from the shoulder of the thread

The measurement we require on a 50mm maximus 15" (5" forward and 10" back) is 240mm from the shoulder of the thread


Blue Suppressor Bag additional                           $10.00

Barrel threading additional                                   $85.00

(custom made thread protector cap incl. in threading  price)

Neoprene Suppressor Cover 10”                            $26.00

Neoprene Suppressor Cover 15”                            $30.00



$30 Return freight of rifle

$8 Suppressor only