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41mm 13.5" dia Spartan Suppressor - these calibres require this size suppressor 6.5 PRC, 270wsm, 7mm rem mag & 300 mag etc

$400.00 Incl GST


SUPPRESSOR ONLY $400                  FITTED $485

13.5” 41mm Magnum

Suitable for 6.5 PRC, 270wsm, 7mm saum, 7mm rem mag, 300wsm etc (not suitable for ultra mags)

These calibres require this size suppressor but one suppressor does not necessarily fit all calibres specified, check with us first.

13.5” in length (340mm), sits 5” forward & 8.5” back

Weight 460–470grams  (s/s internal muzzlebrake 20,000 rnds)


 Measurements we will need:

To ensure the isolator tube fits over your barrel, please let us know the following measurements on your barrel (we can also bore the bush out to this measurement so the suppressor fits straight on your rifle):

The measurement we require on a 35mm dia suppressor 13.5” long (5” forward of the muzzle and 8.5” back) is 202mm from the shoulder of the thread


Blue Suppressor Bag additional                                       $10.00

Barrel threading additional                                               $85.00

(custom made thread protector cap incl. in threading  price)

Neoprene Suppressor Cover 9”                                              $26.00

Neoprene Suppressor Cover 13”                                            $30.00


$40 Return freight of rifle South Island

$50 Return freight of rifle North Island