Talley Rings - Centrefire (mostly aluminium except 22czc which is steel)

Why do we like this model of Talley rings? Lightness & rigidity, the 1 piece base with the lower ring incorporated means nothing to come loose under recoil, knocks or vibration in a vehicle, we see many rifles where scopes have loosened as a result of those factors

Fitting, we recommend 2 pot epoxy (hi strength araldite) to glue the base part to the receiver & tap on the screw head during the final tightening phase to bed the screw down

Torque screw poundage Direct from the Talley's website:
Base screws 25 inch lb, top cap screws 17 inch lb

Measurements are taken top of the receiver to the bottom of the scope tube & are approx

We are often asked "will my XYZ 3-9x40 fit my rifle with these rings?" without seeing it, its very hard to say

However you can work it out yourself by placing the scope above the receiver (on Plasticine blocks makes it easier) so the objective bell (the front part of the scope) clears the barrel & the ocular bell (the back part of the scope) clears the bolt handle, flag safety etc)

Then measure the gap (that we are looking for) between the top of the front receiver ring (above where the chamber starts) & the bottom of the scope tube, (which may be 4mm or 16mm etc) which should tie in with the height of the ring in this section

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