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Episode 11 "Bling your knob", taped in our bikini tops!

Episode 10 Suppressors

Episode 9 Bloopers

Episode 9 Obtaining a proper pounding - projectiles and Sample packs

Episode 8 Bloopers!

Episode 8 Maintaining your bush!

Episode 7 Bloopers

Episode 7 No bang bang for you!

Episode 6 Bloopers!

Episode 6 "The Greasier, The Easier" Galling

Episode 5 Headspacing Bloopers

Episode 5 "Headspacing"

Episode 4 Bloopers!

Episode 4 "Mount your Ring"

Episode 3 "Lubing your parts" Bloopers

Episode 3 "Lubing your parts"

Episode 2 Bloopers

Due to popular demand, we bring you GIRLS WITH GUNS Episode 2.... Loose Nut!

The leupold scope range is very popular in NZ, and so it should be, light weight, great light

transmission, excellent zero retention and superb water-proofness due in part to the fine

thread focus adjustment, compared with the fast focus euro style which doesn't seal as well.

The downside of the fine thread focus is that it has to be kept tight using the locking ring/nut,

or some models will exhibit ...parallax, this is the apparent movement of the reticle against

the aiming mark despite no actual weapon movement.

In this video the GWG team give their take on this issue and how to prevent it

Note – during the demonstration of parallax caused by loose locking nut, the white target is

being blown around by the wind but you can still see the reticle vement caused by the loose

ocular bell (that’s the back part of the scope, the bit you look through)

BLOOPERS!!!!   Girls with Guns Episode 1 "Pimping out your Tikka"

Girls with Guns Episode 1 "Pimping out your Tikka"

So the boss goes away for a week in South Westland for the roar and he says

"make a video outlining the features we can add to the tikka rifle, make it good,

I' seen some excellent videos on the web".

Well this is what he got, a bit of info and a whole lot of craziness!! the boss is

undecided if we are to make any more of these videos!