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Rebarrel using True Flite (Fitted)

$730.25 Incl GST

Premium Target Grade (this is the grade of the barrel not the size, ie not a bull barrel) This is our recommended grade for varmint hunters and target shooters who are seeking top performance at a moderate price level. Preminium Target barrels are machined with reserved tools and have an improved bore finish to reduce fouling over longer strings of fire. 2006 Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist Bruce Scott used a PT 1-13" at the "shorts" with considerable

Ultra match Grade Ultra-Match barrels are the first choice for serious match-winning performance. Our U-M barrels have been used to win major competitions in the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand, including many national and state championships. "Ultra-Match" means absolute attention to quality control by application of the best tools and processes to the best material. Our agent-gunsmiths are selected to provide advice and services to complement our Ultra-Match standards. Ultra-Match barrels are honed to a super-fine finish before rifling to qualify the bore and equalise the surface finish.   

Trueflite Quality Statement and Guarantee:

We operate a custom barrel making shop which focuses on innovation and quality. We have absolutely no interest in producing barrels of inferior quality and low performance. Making quality rifle barrels is a matter of personal judgement and integrity and no shooter will ever receive a True-Flite barrel that we would not be proud to use ourselves. In the event of a warranty claim, ensure that all other possible reasons for poor rifle performance have been thoroughly investigated as it is extremely rare for the barrel to be at fault. The complete rifle must be returned to the original agent or True-Flite Ltd for examination. If our tests prove a fault with the barrel, a replacement barrel will be supplied and a reasonable reimbursement made to cover gunsmithing and freight costs.

Always use a gunsmith of proven ability and results and your True-Flite rifle barrel will exceed your expectations.

Time frame – if we have your barrel in stock you are looking at around 2-3 weeks fitting, if we need to order your barrel directly from True Flite, add another 4 weeks approx. for the barrel to be made plus the 2-3 weeks fitting time. Your complete rifle is required for this, i.e. stock, bolt barreled action etc.

When sending your rifle for a rebarrel we require your complete rifle, barrel, stock, bolt and magazine.

Return Freight of your rifle to you $18

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