$115.00 Incl GST

Option 1

Standard halfcock is when the bolt can move to the half position, the safety will only engage when the bolt is down (as it left the factory) and you cannot lift the bolt with the safety on - We don't make any changes to the safety.  $115

Option 2

We take the safety bolt stop lock off

This means that the firer can place the bolt in half cock or a fireable state or open the bolt all positions with the safety on and the rifle will not fire until you release the safety.  $115

Option 3

Drill a hole in the half cock position which locks the bolt in half cock and you cannot reopen the bolt until you put the bolt into the firing position and fire or take the safety off  $149.50

Halfcock, includes upgrade mainspring and firing pin shaft polish and trigger job – Tikka T3 only

Rifle, bolt and magazine required

Return freight of rifle $18

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